Silky Skinny Scrunchie

Silky Skinny Scrunchie

Silky Skinny Scrunchie

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SOOTHE'S Silky Skinny Scrunchies are designed to put a STOP hair creases or kinks and minimise damage and frizz that is commonly found with cotton or elastic hair ties... We are sure you'll love them and see the results. Being thinner and smaller these are made more for the benefits & less visible.

Available in Navy, Pearly, Inky, Silky & Blushy.


Key Benefits:

  • Keeps hairstyles in place without damaging delicate strands of hair
  • Designed to be soft on the hair & stop any split ends
  • Promotes hair growth and health
  • Designed to style hair without kinks or creases




"Have to admit it, i didnt think it would work but my skin and hair both feel and look better since using silk."

Ruby Favell

I bought one a few weeks ago and i really love my scrucnhie... I've worn it to the gym, to sleep and even went on a night out with it in... everyone needs to see the difference"

Esther Lodge

"The pillowcase has changed my life, I use to worry about my bad skin but now i have a new boost of confidence because i don't have breakouts anymore."

Kristie Bird