Silk Scarf Tie-Up Scrunchie


Silk Scarf Tie-Up Scrunchie

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Silk Scarf Tie-Up Scrunchie you can tie the elastic band around your hair. The hair scarf is perfect for you to wrap around your purse, purse, wrist, as well as your hair by different knots and ways of wearing, giving you an attractive look for any chance. You can separate the scarves and scarves for a different look, wrap them around your bun.

This Outfits Satin Silk Hairband is made of high-quality satin material. The scrunchies won't pull and damage your hair like most ties. It is Washable and easy to dry. These colour printed silk scrunchies can match any different dress and clothing as a wonderful clothing accessory, can be used for various occasions, can be worn daily, for ceremonies, work, beach, parties or any event.


Key Benefits:

  • Keeps hairstyles in place without damaging delicate strands of hair
  • Designed to be soft on the hair & stop any split ends
  • Promotes hair growth and health
  • Designed to style hair without kinks or creases


"Have to admit it, i didnt think it would work but my skin and hair both feel and look better since using silk."

Ruby Favell

I bought one a few weeks ago and i really love my scrucnhie... I've worn it to the gym, to sleep and even went on a night out with it in... everyone needs to see the difference"

Esther Lodge

"The pillowcase has changed my life, I use to worry about my bad skin but now i have a new boost of confidence because i don't have breakouts anymore."

Kristie Bird