2pcs 100% Silk Pillowcases

2pcs 100% Silk Pillowcases

2pcs 100% Silk Pillowcases

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Skin Smooth Pillowcase is Made of 100% high-quality Mulberry Silk. Silk is naturally a very cool and breathable fabric. It makes every sleep a dream and every morning refreshing. The silk pillowcases prevents your hair from becoming knotted or matted, promotes a good sleep, & reduces facial wrinkles.

SOOTHE. aims to make the perfect nights sleep affordable without compromising on luxury

Our Momme Silk Pillowcase is a hypoallergenic, smooth, soft and breathable. It takes you into a beautiful dream. A silk pillowcase is beneficial to both your hair and skin. It is down to the lack of friction damage. It is the best gift choice for each festival, Christmas, birthday, anniversary etc.

Helps your skin retain moisture. Naturally hypoallergenic.
Reduce bed head and split ends
Reduce wrinkles.




"Have to admit it, i didnt think it would work but my skin and hair both feel and look better since using silk."

Ruby Favell

I bought one a few weeks ago and i really love my scrucnhie... I've worn it to the gym, to sleep and even went on a night out with it in... everyone needs to see the difference"

Esther Lodge

"The pillowcase has changed my life, I use to worry about my bad skin but now i have a new boost of confidence because i don't have breakouts anymore."

Kristie Bird